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How does eCard.pro work?

eCard.pro is an online platform providing electronic greeting cards templates of different festive seasons and occasions for Small Medium Enterprises and Corporates to select, and with our services, generate a customised eCard to send and dispatch their greeting messages. For more information on how eCard.pro works, please visit our "How eCard.pro works" page.


What is the eCard file format?

Our eCard files are created in HTML5 format, which can be viewed in the most updated common browsers versions.


What is the pricing for eCard.pro services?

Our pricing offers two packages types, namely the "eCard System" and "eCard File Only" Packages. In addition, we offer different value-added items under these packages to fit your eGreeting campaigns. Please refer to this page. for more details.


How do I get in touch with the eCard.pro support team?

You can find answers to your questions with our FAQs page, or you can contact us by completing the online form at Contact Us.

Our customer team are available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (GMT+8). We aim to respond to all requests received during business hours, within 2 working days. Response time to emails sent during weekends or on public holidays may take longer.

Ordering eCards

How do I place my eCard order?

With a couple of simple steps, you can place your eCard order with us. Please follow steps 1 to 3 on the "How eCard.pro works" page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


What is the production lead time after placing the order?

Once we received your signed quotation or purchase order, as well as the successful payment, our team will kick start your eCard production. The draft will be sent to your email address for your preview. Usually, it will take 3 working days after the project kick starts.


Can we change our order items after submitting the order?

Our team will contact you within 3 working days after receiving your order to confirm with you the order items. Please let our team knows how you like to change your orders so that they can provide you with a quotation reflecting the changes.

If you would like to change the order items after you submitted the signed quotation or purchase order, please feel free to contact us by telephone or drop us a line at Contact Us.


How can we select the background music for our eCard if we have selected this value-added item?

If you have selected to add background music to your eCard order, our team will provide you with a list of background music for selection. Once you have selected, our team will add the background music to your eCard.


Can we provide our own background music?

Yes, instead of selecting the background music from our list, you can provide your own background music. Please ensure you have clear the necessary rights for using it onto your eCard.


What does "Account Usage Report" include?

The account usage report provides you with a sending summary of your eCard campaign. Each record includes the

  • Sender's Email Address
  • Recipient's Email Address (Masked)
  • eCard Delivery Timestamp
  • eCard Open and View Status

What is an Email Template under the "eCard File Only" packages?

Instead of using our eCard sending account for sending your eCards from eCard.pro, you can select "eCard File Only" packages to dispatch the eCards with your company's own email servers. Our team provides you with an email template for your team to send the eCards via your preferred email application.


Can we add more logos onto one eCard?

If room allowed, you can add more than one logo onto an eCard template. Please select "Additional Logo (Same eCard Output)" in the value-added items list when placing your eCard order.


Can we choose additional eCard templates under one service package?

If you would like to provide more options for your team, you can add an additional eCard template to your service package. Please select "Additional eCard Template (Same logo)" in the value-added items list when placing your order.


Can we choose the eCard file format other than HTML5 format?

Our eCard files are created and delivered in HTML5 format, which can be viewed in the most updated common browsers versions. If you wish to have your eCard converted into an animated GIF and MP4 video format, you can select the respective value-added item when placing your order.


Does eCard.pro offer modifications services on the eCard templates to suit our company's needs?

If you would like to add a bit more extra on an eCard template to fit your eGreeting campaign, please feel free to contact us by telephone or drop us a line at Contact Us.


Does eCard.pro offer tailored made eCard design services?

If you would like to have a more customised design of your company eCard rather than selecting a template from our collections, please feel free to contact us by telephone or drop us a line at Contact Us.


Why I cannot find the "Order Now" button on the eCard detailed page to place my order?

Thank you for your interest in using eCard.pro services. As it requires approximate 5 working days for processing an order, a cut off date is set for each festival. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or drop us a line at Contact us to discuss with our team to see whether we are able to accommodate last minute orders.

Sending eCards

Does eCard.pro sending platform support non-English characters?

Our sending platform supports non-English characters. You can compose the greeting messages in the language you and your recipients are most comfortable with.


Can I upload a recipients list for sending the eCard?

Yes, you can upload a .xlsx file containing the list of recipients for sending eCards. Please download our .xlsx spreadsheet template in your sending eCard account to get started. This template can be opened and edited using Microsoft Excel. You can type or paste your contacts into the template. Once you have completed, save your file as a .xlsx file and you are ready to upload your recipient list.

Please do not change the template column header, as the spreadsheet will not be uploaded correctly if it is different from the template.


How many recipients can I send my eCard to?

If you are using one of our "eCard System" packages, your sending account comes with preset sending quotas. As long as your account has unused quotas, you are able to send eCards. Please reach out to us if you would like to purchase additional sending quotas.

On the other hand, if you are using one of our "eCard File Only" Packages, there is no limit on the number of recipients as you will be using your company email applications for dispatching the eCards.


Does our sending quotas expire?

Unless otherwise stated, the sending quotas on eCard.pro will expire according to the service end date of the festival or occasion your order covers.


How do I schedule the eCard to send later?

You can schedule your eCard to send on a future date, on or before the service end date of the festival or occasion your order covers. All you need to do is to change the default send date on the send page. Once submitted, your eCard will join the send queue of your designated sending date - unfortunately, you are not able to specify the exact hour and minute the eCard is being dispatched from the system.


Can I edit my eCard after scheduling, or edit my scheduled sending?

Once you have scheduled your eCard to the send queue of your designated sending date, there is no way to edit the eCard or edit the scheduled sending.


Can I use my own email address as the sender of the eCard notification email?

You are not able to change the sender name or the email subject of the eCard notification email. However, your email address will be used as the "Reply-to" header, meaning that recipients can directly reply to you when they click "Reply" within the eCard notification email.

Receiving eCards

I am not seeing eCard.pro emails in my inbox, is there something I can do to improve the situation?

There are many contributing factors that can block you from seeing eCard.pro emails in your inbox. Here are some examples,

  • A sender may have a typo while typing your email address
  • Your email server is temporarily down
  • Your inbox is full and cannot accept more messages.
  • You have reported an eCard.pro mailing as spam in the past.
  • Your email server settings have caused our message to be blocked.
  • You have previously unsubscribed your email address from receiving a specific sender's eCards from eCard.pro
  • You have previously unsubscribed your email address from receiving all eCards from eCard.pro

You can reach out to us if you would like to resubscribe your email address


How can I respond to an eCard I have received?

You can simply click "Reply" within the eCard notification email you received.


Can I choose to stop receiving emails from eCard.pro?

If you would like to stop receiving emails from eCard.pro, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the email you received or from the link at the bottom of our website.

You will have the option to

  • Unsubscribe from marketing and promotional emails
  • Block a specific sender's eCards from eCard.pro
  • Block all eCards from eCard.pro

To access the sender email address from the eCard notification email received, click "Reply" and copy the sender email address.


How long will the eCard I received be available for viewing?

The eCard will be valid for viewing on eCard.pro within 60th calendar day from the eCard delivery date. The exact date will also be mentioned in the eCard notification email.


My company is filtering emails from eCard.pro, Is there something we can do to improve the situation?

Corporate email servers generally have high-security settings and sometimes classify our mailings as spam. Some organizations also have anti-spoof settings which block mailings that share the same domain name but is not from a trusted email server. To prevent our mailings from being blocked, you can provide the following information to your IT department or Network Operations so that they can adjust the email servers settings.

Email addresses that would need to be added to the email server safe list:

IP addresses for our various sending servers to be added to the email server safe list:

Site Navigation and Account Settings

How can I bookmark my favourite eCards?

You can add or remove your favourite eCards from your Favourites list, by clicking the heart next to the eCard you are browsing.

To retrieve the eCards you have bookmarked, click on the heart at the top right corner of the website, it will direct you to the "My Favourites" page. Kindly note that your bookmarks will only be available on the browser of the device you are visiting eCard.pro and that you did not disable the cookies running on the page.


Will eCard.pro sell my personal data or my recipients' email addresses?

No, We will not sell, or otherwise, disclose your email address to any other sites.

eCard.pro only uses your email address to manage your accounts and to send your eCards to your chosen recipients. When you send the eCards, we will not use your recipients' email addresses for any purpose other than to send your eCards.

eCard.pro understands that sender and receiver privacy is part of the value of our services. You can view our Privacy Policy.

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